The Great British Televisual Triangle Spotters Page

Last Updated: 12-02-1996

Welcome pant spotters one and all. Long has it been said that what this country needs is a database of impromptu pant flashes on the great institutuion of British Television. What we aim to do is collect data, ie dates, times, channels and of course the name of the flasher.

So far we have had the delights of no less than Zoe Ball, Phillipa Forester, Dawn from Hollyoaks, and a possible Judy Finnigan (but past all that flab it is hard to say).

As you can see this page is in it's early days, but with your help, we can make it the best!!!

You can do this by mailing your sightings comments, and suggested links to frangi. I hope to be hearing from you soon. Anyone who can provide still frames from the telly, will get to be

Triangle of the Week

so happy hunting.
Find out who's been showing what in "THE DATABASE".

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It hardly seems fair to have a page like this without giving some credit to the BBC.

So here it is

Three cheers for auntie Beeb! And click here to visit her at her best.

For all you dirty little buggers who just want to perv on Knickers, here is a jolly page.

Here is a smasher! The all new, scientific breakthrough...Scratch 'n' Sniff Page!!!

ALL NEW!! Knobs and Knockers. Need I say more?

They said it could be done....The Big Juicy Cocks page.

Mike likes midrifts, we like Mike. So welcome to Mikey's Midrift Page. ENJOY.

And finally a big thankyou to these people. copyright 1995