Who's been showing what?

29th November 1995
Name: Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell)
Programme: Neighbours
Channel: BBB1
Time: 17:35-17:55 GMT
Comment: Standard quick pant flash, as she uncrossed her legs at Granny Helens House.

Name: Diane Louise Jordan
Programme: Blue Peter
Channel: BBC1
Time: 17:00-17:30 GMT
Comment: Yick, yet another of her saucy (?) pant flashes. Has this woman no shame?

Name: John Paul Gautier
Programme: Eurotrash
Channel: C4
Time: 23:00-23:25 GMT
Comment: We are not sexist, he had a frock on and flashed his pants. It's good enough for us.

Name: Bjork
Programme: Smash Hits Poll Winners Party
Channel: BBC1
Time: 14:00-15:30 GMT
Comment: Young Duncan has us over a barrel here, in that he has had this tick in the flesh at Glastonbury '94. (Violently happy). Still frames to follow.

Some new ones here after out long christmas break:
Name: Annelise Hartman
Programme: Neighbours
Channel: BBC1
Time: 17:35-18:00
Comment: This is a great one, look out for it everyday in the opening credits, her miniskirt is seethrough and her black g-string is very visible.
Name: Nicole Kidman
Film: Batman Forever
Comment: Both Duncan and myself spotted this one. It's brief (no pun intended) and is seen through black tights, but never the less is still there. It's the bit when she drops out of the tube to certain death.

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