Information on the GB homepage.

Who gets to be in the picture archive? You have to be a regular to the channel. My judgement is final. But in cases where I've never seen a person on the channel, I do ask people who frequent the channel at different times to me (is there any one?)

I *try* not to change the pictures in any way, but sometimes I just can't resist it. Generally speaking, all pictures are used with permission, except in cases where something is just too good to pass up.

If you want to submit a picture, the best way to do it is to put it onto the server '' in the directory 'gb' and then mail me at and tell me where the picture is and what your name, nickname, email and URL is. I suppose I can accept pictures via email or via DCC on IRC, but don't overload me. I'll try and keep the page fairly up to date. The script that generates this page also generates a mailing list, - This is probably only to be used for general announcements. If you aren't on the page, but want to be on the list, you can ask and I can try and remember how to do it.

All of the pictures on this page have some sort of copyright. Although it is doubtful we'll sue you to death for using one or two, it would be polite if you would ask the photographer and/or the subject if you use these pictures anywhere else. Chances are (at the moment) that most of the pictures will be (C) Michael Lawrie or John Hulley.

This page was originally produced, and maintained for 3 years by Danius Michaelides - I have now taken it on, and will be bringing it a little more up to date but, I have agreed to keep Dan's colour schemes so blame him, not me. I restarted the pictures on this page on the 12th of October, 1997.

Special mention to Gedge and Jimbles who first came up with the idea of /join #gb.

Please mail me changes/additions/comments/insults.
Michael Lawrie (