Other Pictures of #GB regulars

This page is a further collection of pictures of people from #GB. I'm looking for group piccies and things like that..

The #GB meet at the Sports Cafe, London, 18th April, 1998.

I haven't put these up in any order yet, but for a sneak preview try:

The #London / #GB meet at the Sports Cafe, London, 18th Sept, 1997.

Since there were quite a few #gb people at this meet, and since I was the only one with the camera, I decided it may as well class as a #gb submeet. We had a proper #gb meet the next day at the Inter-Continental Hotel on Park Road but, alas, no cameras were present to record the results of polite whipped cream fights in five star Park Lane hotels.

The #GB people...

The #London people...

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