Beds, Herts and Cambs Freecycling

Welcome to the Beds, Herts and Cambs Freecycle page - This page provides information about and links to Freecycle™ groups in our area and beyond.

Freecycling is a way of recycling your unwanted stuff by providing a means of offering it to other people who may need it instead of adding it to the world's landfill sites. The Freecycle network is global but operates as a bunch of smallish local groups. If you want to dispose of an old chair or a piano then you simply pop an email to your local group and the chances are high that you'll get a mail back very soon from somebody in your local area who wants it. Conversely, if you need a few hundred house bricks, you could just send a mail to your local group and somebody may well be able to help you. The only stipulation is that everything on Freecycle must be free, legal and "appropiate for all ages" (use your own judgement here). No trading, no swapping, no buying no selling. Sound simple? It is!

There is a lot more information on the main freecyle site at
and a recent radio interview at:

Freecycle groups are run as Yahoo mailing lists - All you need to do to join one is to visit your local group's page and to sign up on there - Groups of interest to our region are listed below - They are correct as of the 17th April 2005 but more may have been added since so it's worth checking the link at the end which is a complete list of international groups (The UK is right at the end). You can be a member of more than one but it's always best to try and keep local when you are offering things.

Click on one of the following to take you to the local page - When you subscribe it would probably be a good idea to select "Daily Digest" as the bigger groups get a lot of messages every day.

The following areas are outside our region but may be of interest:

For a complete list of International Freecycle groups see the Freecycle Group Index Page.


There is a poster available to print out if you want to advertise freecycle anywhere. Feel free to do so it does us all good in the end!


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